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VANISHING POINT release their new album  'Dead Elysium' on 28th August on AFM Records.

More than six years since the release of 'Distant Is The Sun', VANISHING POINT are once again ready to take on the world with their world-class melodic metal assault on the senses. Their sixth full-length album 'Dead Elysium' is a revisit to the epic and bombastic sounds of soaring vocals, heavy guitars and mesmerizing orchestral elements. Set for release on August 28th, 'Dead Elysium' is a return to form for Australia’s most iconic melodic metal band.

The band with that progressive, but still accessible compositions and aspiring musical creations did manage to put quite a few highlights to their vita over the years. They escorted a lot of big names on tour and travelled the globe with them - amongst those names were the Swedish guitar maestro Yngwie Malmsteen, finnish Symphonic masters Nightwish, Sonata Arctica, power-Metal pioneers Helloween, Joe Satriani, Edguy, Dragonforce and even the legendary Iron Maiden. Also they gave their European festival debut at the illustrious Wacken Open Air as first unsigned band ever.

VANISHING POINT have undergone a resurgence and have embarked on a campaign to

put themselves back in the eyes of the heavy metal world. 2019 saw the band sign to Hard Drive Agency for management and worldwide bookings. Shortly thereafter, VANISHING POINT return as a five-piece, with the introduction of bassist Gaston Chin and drummer Damien Hall.

"Musically I honestly just went with the flow and naturally the songs just came out how they did, there was no massive thought process as to how the songs should sound", states Porcianko. He carries on: "When writing the Dead Elysium album there was a general theme running through it musically and lyrically that we really wanted to touch upon regarding the

state of world affairs in general and the situation we are in. The general theme lyrically when writing this album overall was more or less in regards to how we can see positive change? How can we make things better in terms of looking after each other? It definitely was not a case of “let's make the heaviest sounding album we can, because it’s gotta be heavier” and all that bullshit - it was a case of let the music speak for itself and in a sense we hope that our music helps people to connect or reconnect."

Fans all around the globe will count the days until arrival of this new masterpiece, some of them will be dying to finally listen to it. But we’re able promise you one thing… 'Dead Elysium' is absolutely worth the long wait!

Silvio Massaro (Vocals), Chris Porcianko (Guitars), James Maier (Guitars), Gaston Chin (Bass), Damien Hall (Drums)

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