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Saturday, April 3rd, 2021

Dubbed "The Queen of Aussie Hard Rock" Crystal Ignite had the entire world in front of her only to watch things dissolve slowly and painfully on the west coast of the United States. She returned her native Australia to find peace, love and to craft the best music she has ever written. This is true story of a phoenix rising from the ashes to become not just a legend, but a champion.

Crystal Ignite

In her latest single "HEED (A Call For Unity) she talks about the divisiveness thats been happening on a worldwide level. We asked why she would choose to tackle that sensitive topic?

CRYSTAL: Yeah, because that was my goal with that song was because I didn’t see a lot of my perspective being portrayed out there. And I believe that there’s so much division, and every narrative is divisive. You know, there’s never a solution. It’s like always pointing out the problem, then people are fighting with one another, but there’s no solution. As an abuse survivor, I come from an abuse survivor perspective on everything, you know, and so I’ll be happy when we start talking about, you know, the serious child trafficking issue we have globally, which is the real pandemic. I’m a child rape survivor, so I have a very different perspective on the world, I realized that so much emphasis was being put on politics, which I understand. For me it becoming suffocating. I have different opinions about things that are going on and stuff like that, but what I realized is that we all have different opinions about what’s going on. Most of us are good people,

right? So we believe that things that we believe, because we think that it’s the right thing, and it’s coming from a true and integral place.

What I realized is that it doesn’t matter what anyone believes about who is doing the right thing and who is doing the wrong thing. What we need is for society to stop putting our faith in these politicians to save us, when the reality is,

we need to be the change we want to see in the world. We can’t have that change until we start acting with unity and as a conscious collective, and we’re not doing that. What we’re seeing is this massive division of like, oh, you know, you believe different things than me, therefore, I should hate you. The media is exacerbating that. There’s a lot of hateful stuff going out there. There’s censorship happening. There’s all kinds of things happening that I’m seeing, and it doesn’t matter what end of the political spectrum you’re on. What I’m noticing is that some disturbing things are becoming acceptable. The shutting down of people’s voices, or not letting people have opinions, or, you know, wanting everyone to have one opinion. Something people need to understand is that just because someone has a different opinion to you, it doesn’t mean they hate you.

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