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There is no question one of the hardest working bands in the history of rock and roll was the

mega-influential band Motorhead. You would think guitarist Phil Campbell would have taken

some time to relax and smell the roses of a well-earned career. Then again, you can’t take the road warrior mentality away. Phil has found the best of all worlds. He is creating amazing music with his sons on what he describes as a“JurassicPark of an album”.

"Being in a band like Motorhead for so many years, you’re going to have some reflections of Motorhead. I’m really pleased with it. It’s 13 brand new songs. My favorite song is the last one, “Waves”. I’m really pleased with that one. The problem about 13 songs is what’s the order to put them in to give the best effect to the listener. It’s a good hard rock record with a twist because Neil, our singer, never came from a clas- sic rock, Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin style. He was more into Nirvana and Manic Street Creatures. He has given us a fresh sound to hard rock. With everyone’s influences coming together, we made a crushing album. I’m so pleased with it. It’s a bit of a monster."

We asked Phil about the biggest changes in the industry, he has seen in the past 40 years?

"Untalented people with a voice tuner making way more money than hard working rock bands are, or just get- ting tits out or something like that for hype. I miss the days of a band working hard to make it. I was 13 when I started getting paid in this business. I was in a band called

Persian Risk before Motorhead and we had no cell phones. If we had a gig, we had to drive into that town when it was dark and stick up a bunch of posters in the village so know one would see us. I remember buying gatefold sleeve albums like “Houses of the Holy” and opening it up for the first time.. a marvelous feeling. "

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