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PJ FARLEY Returns With Second Solo Effort, a New Album With “RA”, Joins Fozzy, PJ Is Workin' Man!

Wednesday, May 12th, 2021

In 1989 bassist PJ Farley joins the with up-and-coming New Jersey sensation, Trixter and immediately inks a deal with MCA/Mechanic Records. Soon after the bands debut release, they become the darlings of MTV and is direct support on tours with Kiss and The Scorpions With the introduction of grunge in the 90’s, the band was dropped by the label . After forming new projects with his Trixter bandmate Steve Brown, PJ joins the LA based band Ra. They immediately score a hit with “Do You Call My Name” Since then PJ has released two successful solo records , 2017’s “Boutique Sound Frames” and 2020’s “Accent the Change.” I sit down and talk to fellow Jersey bassist about the Jersey club days, and one of the hardest working men in the business.

PJ Farley

Was creating “Accent the Change” different from your first solo record?

PJ: I did this record all over the place. I worked with Sahaja, from RA on like four of the songs. The Los Angeles guys we’re involved a bunch. I did a song in Nashville and some songs in Michigan and also in the Detroit area. I did two up at Steve Brown’s house here in Jersey. So yeah, I kind of wanted to get out and just work with different people. It was very similar to the last process where I was recording songs as I wrote them. I wasn’t tracking down a record. It wasn’t on a schedule or anything. When I write them, I gotta get ‘em out of my head and record them before I can really fully commit to writing anything else. My hard drive is full I have to clean it up. When I started recording the songs, I got halfway to an album so I figured why not do a whole record. I was over the hump and halfway done with record at that point. So I guess I just kept going.

What was that moment like for you when Trixter separated from the label and you started getting involved with other projects?

PJ: When Trixter went back into the shed, Steve and I kept writing and recording. We put together the band “Throwing Rocks” which turned into “Soaked” which turned into “40-Foot Ringo” which turned into “Stereo Fallout”. Right around the “Stereo Fallout” time I joined Ra. That was my first step back into the touring and recording cycle. I went back onto a major label, got back on a bus and toured. We were on modern rock radio and doing large festivals. it just felt great being part of the wheel again. A couple of years later, we put Trixter back together. Then I got the call from Lita. Then, Ra got back together.

With everything you have going on do you ever take a moment and think about some of the great moments in your career?

PJ: That’s always there. It’s ingrained in me. All of those shows. Those that are the formidable years. Back then it was all full of piss and vinegar. There wasn’t a fire bigger than when we were out there doing. Trixter meant everything we were doing. There are many moments that bring me back to that time and place. There were times that we were less than happy playing the music.

P.J. found a love for playing music at age 6 when he started playing drums, At age 11 he picked up the bass and found a true passion. His professional career as a musician began at the age of 16 as the bass player for Trixter. Trixter signed its first major label record deal with MCA Records in 1989 and went on to sell well P.J. FARLEY over 1 million records with 3 #1 videos on MTV. Touring with bands like Kiss, Poison, Scorpions, and Warrant. P.J. has played every arena/theater/outdoor pavilion and club all over the world. In 2002 P.J. joined up with Active Rock chart toppers RA (Universal/Republic) in which he embarked on the 2nd chapter of his recording and touring career. Sneaking into the modern hard rock genre and touring with bands like Staind, Seether and Sevendust, P.J. was able to remain relevant and creative in the music business while Trixter took a 13 year hiatus. In 2009 P.J. was asked to join up with Grammy nominated female artist Lita Ford and toured worldwide with her for almost 4 years. At that time Trixter had also reemerged to release 2 new studio records in 2012 and 2014. P.J. and Trixter would continue to tour the world once again. In 2016 P.J. released his first solo album ‘Boutique Sound Frames’ in which he wrote, produced and performed all instruments himself. In 2017 had P.J. join forces with Eric Martin of Mr. Big touring Japan and the US as well as being the backup band for Comedian Jim Breuer.

P.J. continued to tour around the world while recording his 2nd solo record, working with Detroit based engineer Chuck Alkazian and RA frontman Sahaj Ticotin who recently co-wrote songs with Nikki Sixx for The Dirt soundtrack as well as writing and producing Sevendust front-man Lajon Witherspoons debut solo CD. P.J. signed with HighVolMusic in February of 2020 for the release of his 2nd solo effort title ‘Accent the Change’.

P.J. can also be seen touring with AEW star and singer Chris Jericho with his band Fozzy.

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