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ASHENMOON release their new single 'Future Kings & Queens' on 8/17!

"The third in a string of amazing tracks that are building upon the spectrum of different sounds and emotions this band can create!"- Michael Presti, The Launch Pad Live, 99WNRR

Future Kings & Queens is the brand-new single from rock powerhouse AshenMoon and once again it showcases their faultless songwriting and musicianship, suitably topped off with the soaring vocals of Toby Rand.

"Future Kings and Queens is an awakening for those ready to make changes in the world’s current climate – spiritually, politically and environmentally. In particular we call upon the youth to fight for their beliefs, be brave and step into their future with power and love." AshenMoon 

To be released on 17th August, Future Kings and Queens, delves into classic rock dynamics whilst retaining relevance in today’s eclectic rock world. Future Kings and Queens is the follow up to AshenMoon's double single smash hits Dustbowl and Mosquito.


AshenMoon features Garry Beers (bassist and founding Member of INXS), Toby Rand on vocals (Juke Kartel, Rock Star: Super Nova) and the highly regarded guitarist and renowned composer Jimmy Khoury.

AshenMoon’s music is majestically anthemic, whilst remaining magnetically intimate. It is full of arena-ready hooks and exudes a powerful rock blend of honesty, integrity and smouldering intensity. They have nailed the formula that blends 70's classic rock, new wave and modern rock ‘n’ roll into one massive sound.

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