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This one is for Michael & Christine!

Thank you for joining us for our 16th Annual Radiothon benefiting Michael and Christine's Cancer Medical Care Fund.

Station founder and creator Michael Presti with the help of the entire staff at 99WNRR has raised over $20,000 for Autism, Children's Services and Cancer foundations around the world. In that time,

over the past 9 years Michael has waged his own personal battle with leukemia that has created a debt of over $80,000 in medical care.

Its is our chance to give back for the tireless work he has done for others. Now his wife Christine has now tested positive for breast cancer and they begin yet another battle.

Join the staff of 99WNRR from Friday, October 20th 31st 6PM to Sunday, October 22nd - 6AM for 36 straight hours of live broadcasting as they take your requests for donations in support of Michael and Christine. 100% of every dime raises goes directly to a fund for Michaels' and Christines' medical care. 

How can I Help?

Just click the donation button below and make your generous pledge to the 36 Hours Radiothon and post your request or dedication in our chat room below and LISTEN to for your request. No amount is too small to donate. 

$5 gets you 1 song

$10 gets you 3 songs

$50 gets you 5 songs and a $30 voucher for anything in our station store

$100 gets you 10 songs and we will bring you on air to announce them.

YOU BECOME THE DJ! COOL HUH? AND a $50 voucher to anything in our station store. GO TO STATION STORE!


We accept Venmo as well to @radiothon99. When you make your pledge, paste your requests in our chatroom below.

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