Thank you for joining us for our 2nd Annual Radiothon benefiting The Southern Regional

High School Jazz Program.

Join Michael Presti, father of Aaron Presti, a former student and member of the Southern Regional High School Jazz Program as he does 16 straight hours of LIVE radio beginning at 8AM Saturday, April 23rd, to raise funding for the Southern Regional High School Jazz Program. Over the past years Covid-19 has ravaged school programs across the nation of their ability to raise funds for scholarships, competitions and more. Join us in a fun and safe way to raise funding for this amazing organization. 

How can I Help?

Just click the donation button below and make your generous pledge to the SRJB RADIOTHON and post your request or dedication in our chat room below. No amount is too small to donate. 

$5 gets you 1 song, $10 gets you 3 songs, $50 gets you a special commemorative shirt and 5 songs. $100 gets you two shirts, 10 songs and we will bring you on air to announce them. YOU BECOME THE DJ! COOL HUH? We accept Venmo as well to @radiothon99. When you make your pledge, paste your requests in our chatroom below.