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Florida'sWage Warhave shared the video for the acoustic version of the song "Grave" from their 2019-released third albumPressure, which arrived last summer viaFearless Records.

Check out the band's exclusive spotlight atAmerican Songwriterhere.

"This is a wild time for everyone, but we decided we would make the most of it and make a music video showing y'all what we've been doing to pass the time in quarantine. Enjoy our stripped down version of 'Grave,'" says the band.

While this rendition of the song demonstrates the depth and breadth of Wage War's songwriting, the visual offers a look at how the band members have been spending their time while in quarantine during the COVID-19 pandemic. You'll see homemade pizza-making, lots of fishing, a socially distanced game of front yard catch, and one member putting in a new floor in their house, among other things.


Check out the video for "Who I Am." 

Wage War also teamed up withRevolverto premiere the video for "Low."

Loudwire premiered the new song "Me Against Myself."

The track "Prison" arrived via SiriusXM's Octane.

The video for the album version of "Grave" premiered via Billboard.

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