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Stuck in Denmark for months, away from family and friends, Sweden’s hottest band Amaranthe starts from scratch after coming off a huge tour with Sabaton. Elize Ryd and the rest of the band go back to re-writes and adding a bigger sound and stronger punch to the songs. The result “Manifest” the bands’ career-defining record which sees them going back to their symphonic metal/metalcore roots. Lead Vocalist Elize Ryd spends an-hour with RTFX talking about everything from performing, the pandemic, to podcasts.

We asked Elize Ryd about the making of "Manifest".

"The only thing we had was each other, and we were stuck in Denmark at the time. We couldn’t see our parents due to the travel ban. We were so happy with Hendrik and Nills making it into the country, with everyday going by, you really didn’t know what to expect. You also realize that it be- comes less of trying to be perfect and more of get- ting your emotions out on the record. We were at least able to do what we love to do. We know a lot of musicians were stuck at home and a lot of them were really depressed having all of their tours can- celled. A situation that could have turned out awful actually made the situation much better. "

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