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Today, the hard rock powerhouse PHIL CAMPBELL AND THE BASTARD SONS from Wales finally release their new album We're The Bastards. To celebrate the news, the band unveils a video for "Born To Roam" that you can watch here: 

Phil Campbell on the new song: “If you want some feel good rock n roll to help you through these continuing depressing times and need something to uplift your spirits then buy this album! You won’t regret it”

Order your copy of We're The Bastards here:

Save the album on all digital streaming platforms here:

The band's drummer Dane Campbell has used his time during the pandemic to start his own podcast called 'Drum For The Song' which is available from all the usual outlets and YouTube. There are already many episodes featuring great drummers like Matt Sorum, Nigel Glockler, Mark Richardson, Moose Thomas, and more. Find it here on Spotify and on Youtube.

"We're The Bastards" is available as CD, limited digipack including 4 bonus tracks, 2LP Gold, 2LP Sparkle [UK exclusive], digital album, 2 LP Orange/Black Splatter [Mailorder + Wholesale exclusive], and 2LP Black. The tracklist reads as follows: 1. We're The Bastards 2. Son Of A Gun 3. Promises Are Poison 4. Born To Roam 5. Animals 6. Bite My Tongue 7. Desert Song 8. Keep Your Jacket On 9. Lie To Me 10. Riding Straight To Hell 11. Hate Machine 12. Destroyed 13. Waves Bonus tracks [limited digipak]: 14. Big Mouth (Live) 15. Freak Show (Live) 16. Dark Days (Live) 17. Rock 'n' Roll (Live)

Formed in the aftermath of MOTÖRHEAD’s dissolution, following the death of Lemmy Kilmister in 2016, PHIL CAMPBELL AND THE BASTARD SONS were always going to draw a crowd at any discerning rock or metal festival. Led by one of the genre’s most respected guitarists and completed by his sons Todd (guitar), Tyla (bass) and Dane(drums), and powerhouse frontman Neil Starr, the band emerged onto the 2017 touring circuit powered by a huge amount of goodwill, a smattering of MOTÖRHEAD covers and a handful of new songs that crackled with passion and swagger. Landing themselves a prestigious support slot on GUNS N’ ROSES 2017 summer stadium run, the BASTARD SONS hit the ground running.

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