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Saturday, April 3rd, 2021

Lacey Sturm is the cover story for the March/April 2021 issue of Total Order! Here is a sneak peek and a link to the video interview people are talking about!

Lacey Sturm

We asked Lacey about writing new music with her good friends in the band "Skillett".

LACEY: Well, it’s easy. That’s the cool part about how it is. There are things that make it easy just to be friends with them. We have a unique commonality. Our uniqueness is that we have kids on the road, and we’re trying to live. We’re trying to still walk and teach the roots of our faith at the same time as being like in the middle of people who care nothing about your faith. We have this constant commonality between us. I just remember some really cool conversations with their kids, just like when they went out with Papa Roach and how their kids had a relationship with Jacoby. The difference is, there’s just a lot in common in that area. Friendship-wise, relationship-wise, our families click. My kids call John “Johndoggy.” He’s a superhero to them, like Batman. I really think he’s Batman actually, LOL. There’s a lot of cool things, relationally that makes the music natural. I’ve worked with people I don’t know, and you have to get to know them.

In the beginning, it’s always awkward until you kind of get a little bit more familiar with each other, and then you’re like, okay, I get how you work. Or because music is an intimate thing, It’s supposed to be a creative process. It’s supposed to be an overflow of your heart. Right? And so when you said “the formula”, it’s interesting, because there is a formula aspect with Skillet. When they turn on the microphone and put on some music, It just flows out, but because they set it up, that’s why it’s flowing out. I get too busy trying to figure out what to feed my kids for breakfast and remember when they had a bath the last time. I’m really a ‘one thing at a time’ kind of person. So the kids era of my life is really consuming. You know, kids, because it’s really not about us

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