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Thundering with newly fueled power from the shadows and dust of humanity’s crumbling existence, KATAKLYSM return triumphant with their 14th full length studio album: UNCONQUERED. For almost 3 decades, the French-Canadian melodic death metal syndicate has delivered unapologetic waves of powerful sound across the entire globe. As of late, that globe has suffered tremendously, for KATAKLYSM, the pressure caused a creative spring to burst forth with furious energy. Senior Editor, Michael Presti has the EXCLUSIVE interview with Maurizio Iacono.“The epitome of down-to-earth Metal God!”

After 30 years of constant work was this a Blessing is disguise to spend time with the family? Absolutely! You nailed it! In the beginning, I was like in panic mode because I was worried like is this going to be the end of the the career? I mean this is how I feed my family. So in the first month of the lockdown I was like, ‘whoa, what is gonna happen’? But then you gain some composure and you get a sense of what’s going on, and you realize, hey, I was burnt out before and didn’t know it. Plus I was fighting a little bit of depression. I have been in this business non-stop for almost 30 years with Kataklysm; 14 records, 29 years, and we never stopped. Tour- ing, record, touring, recording, Plus, I manage a bunch of bands as well. It was like a forced break. But like you said, I started paying attention to my kids more, especially with the little one because he just came. My first born, I spent half of his life on the road, and you see repercussions of that a little bit later, where you miss the closeness. Artists are suffering from a PTSD so to speak, because we are all conditioned to live out of suitcases, tour busses, hotels and airlines. Always moving, so when you have to stop without knowing when it’s coming back, it is kind of like getting hit in the chest with a baseball bat. I was signed at 17 and I haven’t stopped since. I don’t know how to stop.

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