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Bristol-based singer/songwriter Mark Holley presents new Black Foxxes music in the form of the thrilling new song "Badlands."

Listen to the song, which is anchored by razor sharp, ominous riffing, vocal melodies that will take up residence in your brain for days at a time, and unshakable sonic tension and release, and watch the video here

"'Badlands' was recorded together, live in a room," Holley shares. "The 9-minute takes felt like marathons and pushed the three of us to our limits; it perfectly captures the tenacity of our new recordings..."

 "Badlands" also serves as the first introduction to the brand new rhythm section — drummer Finn Mclean and bassist Jack Henley, who is a longstanding friend. Both are a pivotal part of the new sound and direction of the band.  

This is Black Foxxes — raw, unfiltered, and unfussed with.

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