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In an exclusive interview with Mr. Casanova himself, Moon Fever's Cody Jasper talks about the one last shot he took, and now he's California dreamin'.

What have you been doing during the shutdown due to Covid-19?

Cody: I actually headed back to my hometown of Amarillo, Texas. I'm just hanging out, cooking great food, drinking margaritas and writing songs. Trying to stay positive ya know?

What made you decide to head out to California and pursue bigger things?

Cody: I was ready to get a real job. I was done with the music biz thing. I was ready to pack it in.

I got a call from Mitch and just headed out there. I was always a rocker at heart, but could never pull it off without it being to cheezy or "butt-rocky", but when we got together it was like a dream come true. It felt like a fresh new sound, not a Zeppelin rip-off or too cheezy or too 80's.

It was totally organic.

We just wrote a song in 10 minutes through txt. It's that kind of situation. We just drop the ego and go for it. We are open to each others ideas.

It seems that the mystique of rock and roll is gone. Where did it go and how do we get it back?

Cody: Exactly, Exactly. Thats a question I've always asked. It not like we're trying to do that kind of thing, I want that same feeling that I got when I first listened to Stone Temple Pilots or Black Dog from Zeppelin. When we first got together we didn't know what sound we were gonna make, it just came about naturally. We're not too worried about what we're trying to do. The band just loves that music so much. You just cant help it, it just comes through.

Being a charismatic comes with comparisons, who were some of the frontmen you idolized growing up?

Cody: David Lee Roth, Dio....I remember, Billy Idol was just the coolest guy. not just the performances, in his interviews he was just the coolest guy. Scott Weiland was a huge influence on me. I remember this huge festival where they were playing and thinking to myself, this is jsut the coolest guy ever. I used to have a guitar in my hand all the time and now that I don't, there is this liberating feeling. You get to me like a character, but you are still yourself. You are trying to vibe with the music and put out as much raw energy as possible.

Do you ever think of their signature moves on stage when you're in the middle of great jam?

Cody: LOL. The moment you think about doing it. it looks cheezy.

I do think about doing the DLR split, but then i chicken out because i worry about, ya know, splitting my pants. LOL or you dont make it all the way down.

Before I let you go, What does a band do in this kind of situation after just launching and releasing new music?

Cody: We actually just did a social distancing video and just recently a live performance video.

Look for us to drop new music soon!

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